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Avira is taking the lion’s share of the cpu which is perfectly understandable given that it’s dealing with a lot of malware in real time. So far the Tao seems to be progressing reasonably fast plus we are maintaining a proactive detection of a hundred percent. Which is fairly impressive as I say that it drops and we have a few misses. But this is not the end of the world after the test is complete

I’m going to analyze the system and we’ll see what traces we’ve left over something to note based on history. Is that Avira Support has really good signatures that’s been my personal experience with their products. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with a very high proactive detection.

The real question is going to be what happens to the malware that manages to get pass do we have any infections on the system or does everything disappear upon reboot. Which is of course the ideal situation.

Now we’ve got a far wall alert for a certain file now since we are testing Avira specifically. Here I’m going to allow access I’m fully aware that in a real-world situation you would block that. But again we’re not testing Windows Firewall capable at easier. Hence call Avira Support Number

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We’re seeing what Avira can do on its own so we’ve got another file which executed successfully. Again I will grant because we’re testing the effectiveness of Avira.

All right so it looks like all our faults were successfully executed we’ve achieved a final proactive detection of 99.3% which is quite good. At the same time I do notice that we have certain malicious process on the system well for the moment I will call them just process.

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And we’ll figure out if they’re malicious or not before we go ahead and reboot the system I’m just going to open process hacker analyze what’s on the system so we’ve got essentially three different process here these two seem to be very similar now the real question is are they going to persist upon reboot or are they just going to disappear without a trace that’s what we’re going to find out so we’ll restart the system run cc-cleaner get rid of all the temp files and we’ll see if any malware prevails

Welcome back I didn’t notice any strange artifacts after the system rebooted all the processes seemed to be normal. I don’t see anything that persisted however all of our second opinion scans malware bytes hitman-pro. And Norton power eraser have found this one file in app data roaming this is of course a false positive.

So don’t mind this but we’re talking about this so it’s nine hundred and five kilobytes and it’s present. Every engine has a specific signature for it if we take a look norton power eraser. This is a very new fall seemed less than a week ago and there are many indications that the file is untrustworthy.

If we actually go and take a look at the folder it’s empty and I even tried listing everything and it doesn’t appear here. Either keep in mind I have checked hidden items as well so this is quite interesting. I haven’t seen anything like this in a test recently if not ever but the fact that every single engine picks it up its wow.

I did check before one of the scans finished and restarted some of the scans after that after noticing that the directory was empty. So there’s no accident here it’s not like the file was removed by Avira Helpline while the scan was going on or something like that. So either the file is concealed in some way or something has confused our second opinion scanners either way the results are still quite good.

This is the only thing we’re talking about apart from this that’s absolutely no traces of malware on the system which is pretty good. Considering we ran over 1500 files so overall I’m quite happy with the level of protection afforded by Avira Helpline.

I’m still a little bit concerned about the lack of let’s say after execution behavioural analysis on this it does have a head heuristics. But I feel like these days there are usually a lot more components in the detection mechanism. And Avira seems to rely heavily on the initial detection via real time scanning.

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The initial installation of your software isn’t enough to keep you protected new viruses are being created constantly and our antivirus software must be updated regularly to was protected we recommend that you leave the auto update feature enable your Avira software to ensure that your device receives the data it needs to protect you from current threats. We’re watching for customer questions on social media Monday through Friday 7:00 to 7:00 Central Time if you need help when we’re not here our support team is always there for you at service at Avira com you can find a link in the description make sure to like us on at facebook.com and follow us on our Twitter support channel at Avira.

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