We have many financially conscious  people who create spreadsheets or why   in journals to track their income and expenses every day in order to help make   sure they reach their long-term goals  I’m curious do you guys budget I would   love to hear from you in the comments below another way the accountant comes in useful is when you’re making investment decisions investing is where  you lay down your money now with the expectation that you’ll see a return or a profit in the future businesses invest in assets all the time in the hope that  they would generate future earnings and   is the reports created by accountants that hope management decide where to   allocate the resources available to them.

In addition to this the financial   statements that listed companies are  obliged to prepare and make available to   the public are created by their   accountants investors read over these   statements and decide whether to buy   shares in companies of the back of this   information as individuals we make loads   of investment decisions throughout our   lifetimes and those are limited to the   stock exchange we invest in our   education our car our house we also   invest our time in relationships and in   exercising to get fit the skills learnt   in accounting can help us with all of   these where the rewards are financial, it   certainly can it enables us to work out   the return on our investments and   compare them against each other to help   us make the decisions that are best for   us now I said I was only going to give you   three reasons why learning accounting   can benefit non accountants but I’ve got a fourth and I’d really like to share it with you.

 We think this one’s the most   important and it kind of encompasses the   three that we just talked about   financial literacy becoming financially   literate is the process of educating   yourself to being able to manage your   money your personal finances and your   investments efficiently and effectively   it’s one of the most important skills   that you can have in adult life but it   doesn’t seem to get taught much at   school becoming financially literate can   literally change your life   and make your dreams come true or at   least some of them if won’t be able to   get you a new boyfriend or girlfriend   but it will help you by creating a   stable platform to help other areas of   your life flourish it teaches you to   budget and save the value of money and   interest and how to navigate your way   through all that   financial jargon that’s thrown us   everyday accounting can teach you to   become financially literate it’s not the   only way to get there.

There are other ways too but studying and counting is a surefire way to ensure that you commit   the time and energy required in order to   build this life skill so crucial thanks   again for your suggestion and I hope   that answers your question   and to the rest of your accountants and   non accountants out there if you found   this video useful give it a like share   it subscribe if you haven’t already.